Works to Promote Website

The scope ofSEO works include the actions aimed at your website promotions as listed below. Scope of works is defined by competitiveness, theme and by list of key requests. We distribute advertisement budget being guided by effectiveness of a particular work in each particular case.

1) Work with textsposted on the website:

  • Executing brief for content support;
  • Development of semantic schedule;
  • Writing the texts – the scope depends on theme and keyword;
  • Interlinking inside the website;
  • Text adjustment on the website;
  • Creating the announcements and headings;
  • Protection of copyrights in relation to texts for search systems;
  • Recommendations on the structure of content section.

2) Control over correct indexlinking:

  • Adjustment of mirrors in robots.txt;
  • Adjustment of 301 redirect page;
  • Yandex.Webmaster panel;
  • Adjustment of SiteMap;
  • Check-up of server response;
  • Adjustment of 404 page;
  • Adjustment of the restricted pages indexlinking;
  • Viruses monitoring;
  • Website restricted errors monitoring.

3) Work with HTMLcode:

  • Deleting the tags preventing from promotion;
  • Shut-down the elements preventing from indexlinking;
  • Code correction;
  • Adjustment of metatags;
  • Code optimization to comply the requirements of search systems.

4) Work with key tags of the pages under optimization:

  • title;
  • metatags;
  • heading h1;
  • headings h2-h6;
  • b and strong;
  • attribute alt;
  • other;
  • etc.

5) Work with new texts for the pagesunder optimization (to be seen in TOP10):

  • Distribution of keyphrases through texts;
  • Assignment for copywriters;
  • Rewriting or texts writing;
  • Posting texts on the website;
  • Protection of copyrights for search systems;
  • Selection and creation of relevant pages.

6) Search license violation monitoring:

  • Text spam;
  • Exchange catalogues;
  • Duplicated content;
  • Hidden texts;
  • Outer links;
  • Other violations.

7) Work with inner links:

  • Completing of anchor list;
  • Text interlinking;
  • Structural interlinking;
  • Footerinterlinking.

8) Adjustment of management system for the purpose of promotion:

  • Computerized numerical control;
  • Nesting level;
  • Adjustment of the website structure;
  • Adjustment of platform to bring changes related with website optimization.

9) Website performance ability:

  • Server response time monitoring;
  • Website proper performance monitoring;
  • Website availability monitoring;
  • Clearance for dead links;
  • Clearance for interactive elements performance.

10) Outer links:

  • Application of permanent links;
  • Purchase of time links;
  • Writing the advertisement articles on monthly basis;
  • Development of a semantic schedule;
  • Development of outer anchor list;
  • Development of articles assignments;
  • Advertisement articles writing;
  • Number of parameters to select the platform;
  • Application ofvolunteered links.

11) Analytics:

  • Registration and installation of Yandex.
  • Metrika counter;
  • Statistics analysis;
  • Report on traffic and pages indexlinking.

12) Conversion:

  • Targets adjustment;
  • Tracking the search traffic conversion;
  • Tracking the traffic additional types conversion.

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13) Marketing:

  • Improving the website selling properties;
  • Selling texts;
  • Interactive: calculators, ratings, reviews, etc.
  • ;
  • Purchase funnel;
  • Landing pages;
  • Adjustment of the websiteto comply with target auditory.

14) Competitors analysis:

  • By search promotion;
  • By Yandex.
  • Direct;
  • By InternetMarketing.

15) Promotional strategy:

  • Development the strategy to promote based on competitors analysis.