Works to Promote Website

The scope ofSEO works include the actions aimed at your website promotions as listed below. Scope of works is defined by competitiveness, theme and by list of key requests. We distribute advertisement budget being guided by effectiveness of a particular work in each particular case.

1) Work with textsposted on the website:

2) Control over correct indexlinking:

3) Work with HTMLcode:

4) Work with key tags of the pages under optimization:

5) Work with new texts for the pagesunder optimization (to be seen in TOP10):

6) Search license violation monitoring:

7) Work with inner links:

8) Adjustment of management system for the purpose of promotion:

9) Website performance ability:

10) Outer links:

11) Analytics:

12) Conversion:

Offer for Vip-Seo rate

13) Marketing:

14) Competitors analysis:

15) Promotional strategy: